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Old Lami Ltd. has three vertical panel saws which are of a high quality, rigid design. The high rigidity ensures highly accurate cutting, which is essential for subsequent edge banding. Additionally, Old Lami Ltd., staff have many years of experience, not only in producing highly accurate components, but also in the optimal use of larger sheets to minimise wastage. Simply provide us with your specifications, and allow us to do the rest.



The Turanlar edge banding machine can cope with material thicknesses of up to 50mm and is capable of speeds of up to 25m per minute. The edge banding is adhered by means of an automatic glue feed under precise temperature/flow control, which results in a consistent and strong bond. Finally, diamond blades/knives trim any excess material and the component is then ready for assembly. This process can save a considerable amount of time for customers with a large volume of work.

Edge Banding


Customers can take advantage of the free delivery service within the city boundaries of Tbilisi, or especially for small quantities, collect purchased materials themselves. For deliveries outside of Tbilisi, there is a per km charge which varies with weight. Please contact us for details.